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The Beginning

In 2009, Serendipitous Old Stuff was born, thanks to Jus Vikse. What started out as a 'hobby-esque'  business run out of a converted barn workshop, quickly amounted to more. Jus made her hobby, and eye for detail into a full fledge business operation, relying on referrals in the Port Perry area. To read more about the beginning phases, check out this 2012 Focus on Scugog article written about Jus!

The Big Move

After relocating to Warkworth, Ontario with her family, Justine began the process of making herself known in the community for her artistic eye. While still working for clients in the Port Perry area, Justine rented a studio in  Campbellford, prior to opening her first storefront. In her Campbellford studio, Justine worked on custom pieces for new and old clientele, with the hopes of getting to showcase her pieces, and creative ideas in her own space one day. Flash forward to 2014, and she opened her first Warkworth storefront. Here is an article about the opening. This was the place where her creative ideas could be showcased in her own environment. Pictured to the left are two of Justine's daughters in the storefront.

Expansion is Key

In 2015, Jus made the executive decision to expand Serendipitous Old Stuff. Here's the catch, SOS expanded to two storefronts- ON THE SAME STREET! Crazy, right? Well, one location (Serendipitous Old Stuff: In The Rough) showcased unfinished items that patrons could purchase as is, or purchase with the intention of refinishing. In the other location, Jus showcased her Scandinavian and French Country painted furniture with exquisite details, loose leaf tea selections and many other varieties.

The Next Phase

With a lease ending in 2016, Jus found a great new location, with a new idea. After being inspired by a trip to New York state, Jus decided to combine her love for antiques, food, conversation and beverages in the community of Warkworth At the end of 2016, Jus began the process of renovating her new digs with the help of family, and friends. Well, all of this hard work has paid off as April 2017 marks the new beginning of the Serendipitous Old Stuff Lounge.

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