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Glass steel/glass steel pipe manufacturer

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Steel/glass steel pipe manufacturer product details
Material: glass fiber reinforced plastic
Origin: guangdong
Function: heat preservation and heat insulation
Specification: want want advice
Compressive strength: 0.1 MPa to 2.5 MPa
Brand: multifilament
Scope of application: hot and cold water piping system

Steel/glass steel pipe factory product characteristics
Low light intensity is high, easy to transport and install.
Excellent low hydraulic characteristics, wall smooth and fluid resistance is small.
Pipeline is not easy to scale, use for a long time remained inside sleek.
Low corrosion resistance performance is good, can be used in the acid alkali environment.
No leakage, no secondary pollution, can adopt food-grade resin production.
Low temperature cold jelly, design of long service life can reach more than 50 years.
Low coefficient of thermal conductivity is lower than 0.02.

Steel/glass steel pipe manufacturer product knowledge
Steel/glass steel pipe manufacturer in filament winding FRP pipe for pipeline (tube), internal leakage layer manufactured fiber winding technology and heat-resistant corrosion-resistant FRP lining process piping, pipe, and the outer pipe between the sandwich composite materials using polyether polyols and many times more than methyl phenyl isocyanate as the raw material by chemical foaming and overall polyurethane foam thermal insulation layer, the density between 45 / m3 ~ 80 kg/m3, full full clearance between tube and tube, and it has good bonding strength, make the inner tube, outer casing and the thermal insulation layer to form a solid whole, between outer casing is a high strength of FRP winding pipe as a protective layer under external pressure of a new type thermal insulation pipe.

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